Monster Jobs M Power Microsite

Monster Job’s M Power Website – Winner of the Gold Event Technology Award

A “responsively designed” website allows users easy access to content regardless of their device. Mobile or desktop, touch screen or mouse, websites which must satisfy a variety of use cases require additional planning at the design-level. Simply scaling down a website for small screens or, conversely, building out an entirely new site for mobile are not always the best options. StudioE9 worked with TBA Global in developing a site which satisfied a sophisticated responsive design requirement for Monster’s annual MPower conference. The MPower 2012 event site served attendees, on location, accessing real time updates from mobile devices, as well as desktop visitors planning their trips in advance.

Updated throughout the event, users could access new video, note agenda changes, and obtain registration information. The site architecture allowed Monster to easily add and remove content as needed. Investing in a robust portal’s multi-platform reach is smart, because it means there are more opportunities for a return.

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Responsive Web Design + Development
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